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Different attitudes of variant Rudraksha Part -3

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Type of Rudraksha part 1            Type of Rudraksha part 2


This part would cover the 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and gauri- shanker rudrakshas. 

16 mukhi Rudraksha

The sixteen faced Rudraksha is the soul structure of Lord Shiva’s Mahamritunjaye appearance exploring the valor and conquest over the universe. This appearance was acquired by Lord Shiva when goddess Sati burned herself, which even was not at all conquerable by Lord of Death. 16 mukhi bead pours courage and self believe on mortals to confront and combat adverse circumstances and predicaments of life and keeps the person far beyond from thefts, accidents at home and defends from malefic effects of different planets on health. It is advised to adopt in the fear of losing loved one or social stature or fear of death to save oneself from the same. The prescribed mantra for sixteen faced is “Om Haum Joom Sah” which is need to be recited while adopting.

17 mukhi Rudraksha

The seventeen faced or 17 faced Rudraksha is the true portrait of Mata Katyani Devi, the sixth face among the nine divine faces of Goddess Durga pouring the positive reflection upon the lives of mortals. The mortals could bring the aroma of Dharma, Artha, Karma and Moksha to their lives through adopting this sacred bead, along with immense divine blessings and strength to walk well on land. 17 mukhi bead makes us free from the confinements of health hindrances, losses, defeats, desperation, agonies and fears and acts as a potent strength to attain the fulfillment of all desires and dreams of human beings mainly comprising about life partner, progeny, good luck and prosperity. Seventeen faced makes our life shine in prosperity, peace and bliss. The mantra of this sacred pearl is “Om Hreem Hoom Hoom Namah”.

18 mukhi Rudraksha

The eighteen faced or 18 mukhi Rudraksha is vivid divine picture of Goddess Earth exploring her all blessings for her children, upon her. Through the sacred bead, the mother of all, pours health, strength and intelligence on the wearer and her strength leads towards triumph in the path and makes him or her stand on the mount adorned with blossoms of true images of all dreams and desires. This divine 18 mukhi bead blessings of mother are in abundance so that we could acquire the her love and care. It is advised to be attained by those in the sectors of real estate and land dealings and women prone to abortion to protect the child in womb. This sacred bead is believed to be adopted along with chanting mantra “Om Hreem Shreem Vasudhaye Swaha Om Hreem Hoom Ektatva Rupe Hoom Hreem Om”.

19 mukhi Rudraksha

The nineteen faced or 19 mukhi Rudraksha is the divine presenter of Lord of Lords, the supreme soul of paradise, the heavenly cluster of love for all creations, the Lord Narayan, the Lord Vishnu, spreading his blessings to make the live of mortals glow in every direction. People adopting it will possess everything in life and will lead a highly satisfying walk on land as it reflects immense affluence, success and good health. It provides us blessings of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi at a single plane glittering with many aspects of life. 19 faced rudraksha keeps the person away from diseases and bring perfect life partner besides which it also wipes out the obstacles from the career path leading towards strong mount of success and in the end of walk on land it leads towards salvation. It should be adopted along with chanting mantra “Om Hreem Hoom Namah”.

20 mukhi Rudraksha

The twenty faced or 20 mukhi Rudraksha is the true image of Lord Brahma exploring all energies and light of universe. It possess the colors of all nine planets, eight dikpals like Indra, Varun, Yama, Kuber, Agni, Vayu, Niriti and Ishan, these are the lords of aspects of this whole creation and existence of life, and Tridevas Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, within its single portrait. But this supreme of supreme combination of whole is found extremely rare on land but if any one could attain it, it endows the person with great potency to win over the hurdles of path and achieve whatever he or she desires.

21 mukhi Rudraksha

The twenty one faced or 21 mukhi Rudraksha is the soul image of Lord of wealth, Lord Kuber, who is the grandson of Lord Brahma and the bestowal of goddess Laxmi, the goddess of prosperity. The adopter of this heavenly bead is perceived to attain heavy affluence and all pleasures and desires fulfilled. The supreme potency of this bead could turns a beggar into aristocrat carrying heavy wealth. 21 faced  makes a shield of protection around the person defending from evil impacts and malefic effects. To make your life glitter with affluence you could adopt it along with chanting mantra “Om Yakshyaya Kuberaya Vaishrayanaaya Dhanadhanyadi Padayeh Dhana-Dhanya Samreeddhing Me Dehi Dapaya Swaha.”.

Gauri-Shankar Rudraksha

The Gauri-Shankar Rudraksha is a divine form of two naturally joined Rudrakshas in the expression of Lord Shiva and his consort goddess Parvati together in a single portrait of the two divine souls. As in Hindu doctrines Gauri-Shankar is regarded as most happiest family in universe, it explores the togetherness, harmony, love and bliss in the family moving towards the expansion of life and so on universe on account of fertility bestowed by deities. This bead pours the divine togetherness in the family and develops the strong roots of bonds nurtured by extreme understanding besides which it wipes out the hindrances of the path of life of the person. This makes us unconfined from pains of life and makes it out of sufferings. This Gauri-Shankar bead dominates over wealth, health and marital happiness and adorns the home with the same. It is believed to be more effective and potent from one faced Rudraksha. This bead is needed to put scented oil on it daily and should be worn in red or yellow thread after touching it to Shiva Lingam along with chanting the mantra “Om Shiv Shakti Rudraya Namaha”.


Type of Rudraksha part 1            Type of Rudraksha part 2

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