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Ram Raksha Yantra ' s explanation, usage and importance

The Ram Raksha Yantra is the divine centre of Lord Rama’s blessings who is one of the most benevolent deity and defender of lives upon land besides which he is the most respected divine soul. Lord Rama has been believed as being very much soft at heart and the one who would fulfill all your wishes and save you from all the approaching dangers once you call and ask him from heart.

The Ram Raksha Yantra protects the adorer from all the hurdles and obstacles coming in his or her way and keep him inside the divine enclosure of Lord Rama’s blessings. The individual would be bestowed with well paved path towards success comprising good gains and affluence besides much respect upon land. These people would lead a harmonious life with prosperity and all the luxuries and comfort at home.

In the end, paying all the requisite rituals and respect to the Ram Raksha Yantra makes life appear in a portrait of positive shades upon a stable path with all good around.

Mantra for Ram Raksha Yantra

"Ram Ramete Ramete, Rame rame manorame
Sahasre nam Tatulyam, Ram Nam Varanane"

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