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Rahu Yantra ' s explanation, usage and importance

The Rahu Yantra is the Yantra for Shadow planet Rahu who has a major significance in human life as in astrological studies. This Yantra is the remover of hurdles and obstacles from the life path of a person and wipe out the miseries and pains from the walk of the one which leads the individual towards success and provides him a stable walk throughout.

People having ill-placed Rahu in their horoscope chart are perceived to confront much difficulties in their life as even their hard work won’t be counted neither their determination would do anything. They could become really harsh and callous while not being the same at the core. The malefic Rahu could results in lack of peace and harmony in life.

The adoption of Rahu Yantra could sought out many of difficulties and impediments from one’s life and could turn it towards betterment till a good extent. The person would see him or her self at a higher mount with respect for the possession of wisdom, understanding and affluence. It should be adopted on Saturday at the time of rising Moon for attaining the blessings of Rahu.

Mantra for Rahu Yantra

"Aum bhram bhreem bhroom sah rahave namah. "

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