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We follow Indian Vedic astrology principles for preparing astrological reading. The Indian Vedic Astrology system is the most accurate.

Planet's Mantras

Planet’s Mantras

“Mantras are the profound presenters of the tribute and allegiance we dwell in our souls for Lords…. An easiest schema to reach them…..”

In a Vedic birth chart, Planets are placed following various configuration in 12 houses. The houses represent various aspects of human life. Planets placed in these houses affect these aspects either in a positive of negative way. So for a particular birth chart, some planets would be benefic and some would be malefic.

The mantras for the planets in our horoscope can be chanted to improve the good impacts of the beneficial planets and also to lessen the ill impacts of the malefic planets.

There are mantras for each planet which can be used to get good results from the planets.

1. Mantra for Sun (Surya) and explanation

2. Mantra for Moon (Chandra) and explanation

3. Mantra for Mars (Mangal) and explanation

4. Mantra for Mercury (Budh) and explanation

5. Mantra for Jupiter (Brihaspati) and explanation

6. Mantra for Venus (Shukra) and explanation

7. Mantra for Saturn (Shani) and explanation

8. Mantra for rahu and explanation

9. Mantra for ketu and explanation

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