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First decan of Pisces or Meena

The first decan or segment of Pisces period that is the first ten days are ruled by planet Jupiter only as comprising the open minded and sensitive individuals.

The natives of this period approaches life with positive vision besides which they are sensitive as well. They are not inclined towards affluence but do like to enjoy the part of luxury and comfort while on the other hand, their sensitivity and spirituality could also lead them towards celibacy. They are generous, giving, loyal, out of any self interest and creative as well.

Second decan of Pisces or Meena

The second decan or segment of Pisces period that is the middle ten days are of most vigilant and kind natives from the rest of Pisceans as it is ruled by Moon apart from Jupiter.

The natives of this enclosure are the most wiser and generous of the rest who would do to the maximum of extends for his or her loved ones for being the intense giver and loyal in relations. They are highly sensitive and so on take a lot of worries and for this they need to be given a lot of care.

Third decans of Pisces or Meena

The third decan of Pisces enclosure that is the last ten days and the last decan of all thirty six decans is bestowed with the similarities with Scorpio as these people possess a lot ideas in mind.

The natives of this last decan are the most strongest of the rest Pisceans so as a little less sensitive but still remain a good dreamer and fantastical besides which, they are poetic and spiritual at core. They could also turn towards jealousy and immoral addiction while they do believe on ethics and morals.

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