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Pisces relationship | Meena relationships | Pisces in friendship | Pisces as a father, mother, children, teacher and friend

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As a Father

The Pisces father in this relationship would be a very loving and caring one who would stay as a good friend of his children and won’t let his anger come out in front of them though he is a true moody person. He would give required freedom to his children and would encourage and guide them in the arena of their choice. He would bring out his own ways to take his children towards the right direction as he would be very much concerned about their right growth.

As a Mother

The Pisces woman in this relationship would be very much loving and caring as no other zodiac sign would be this much attached and sentimental as these mothers can’t be a little hard which is required at times. She won’t ask for any discipline or sincerity as all she want is to see her child happy. She would devote herself completely towards her children and would do all possible things for their good growth.

As a Son/Daughter

The Pisces natives in this relationship are perceived to be sincere and determined children who would be very much attached with their home and parents and respect them too. They would need much parental affection as hard appearance of parents could work against over them. They would respect family morals and values but will also require freedom to some what extent.

As a Teacher/Senior

A Pisces person won’t be a strict teacher but would not be a lenient one as well as this individual would maintain a balance. They will provide only required freedom and would give special significance to learning and would ask for good results. They would maintain a good relation with all and would bring out easier ways

As a friend / in Friendship

The Pisces person in friendship would be a very loving and caring friend who would always be near in need and would be very understanding at the core. He/she would stay loyal and will be a giver in friendship which he/she would believe for the whole life and try their best to keep it forever.

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