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Lucky for Pisces ( Meen )
Here is a description of lucky things of Pisces. It lists the Luck metal for Pisces, Lucky days for Pisces, Lucky flower for Pisces, Lucky stone for Pisces, Lucky number for Pisces and Lucky color for Pisces

Lucky Metal- Germanium and Strontium

Lucky day – Thursday

Lucky color – Silver, Purple and Violet

Lucky No – 3 and 7

Lucky Flowers –Orchids, Violets and Water Lilies

Lucky stone- Amethyst and Yellow sapphire

Pisces Zodiac In Relations

As a Father

The Pisces or meena father in this relationship would be a very loving and caring one who would stay as a good friend of his children and won’t let his anger come out in front ....

As a Mother

The Pisces woman in this relationship would be very much loving and caring as no other zodiac sign would be this much attached and sentimental....
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Famous Pisces or meen Personalities

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