Moon-Mercury dasha, Moon Mahadasha - Mercury Antardasha by - Chandra major period and Budh minor period

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Moon Mahadasha -Mercury Antardasha | Moon - Mercury Dasha | Chandra- Budh period or Bhukti

The planet Mercury is believed to be one of the benefic planets which bestows the person with some positive impacts with special indication towards intellectual and professional growth. The combination of Moon mahadasha and Mercury antardasha would bring most of the goodness to the person but would also make the person quiet weak at the mental state as the natives would be much emotional and soft at the core in this period.

The native in Mercury antardasha of Moon Mahadasha would become more vivacious and lively in his/her attitude and would emerge as more open minded in this period besides which he would acquire good knowledge and would appear as intellectual and wiser personas. This all would lead him/her enclosed with supremely intelligent people and with noble souls. It will be a straight path towards success and peace.

This period of Moon- Mercury dasha would bring growth to the person in every aspect including finance and career besides which he would enjoy all the respect and comforts & luxury in the sub period of Mercury. Recognitions and rewards would be high in this segment and he/she would attain precious things. It would be a special presence of spiritual aspects in this period and he/she would attain the true perception towards the same.

Some auspicious happenings are highly indicated in this Moon- Mercury period which would further enhance the bliss around the native but there could be some health problems including fever and body aches besides which some loss of agricultural stuff is also possible. Though there could be some distress to wife and children, Chnadra-Budh dasha would be altogether a period of contentment.

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