Moon in Gemini by - Effects of the placements of Moon planet in Mithuna Zodiac, Chandra in Mithuna

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Moon in Gemini zodiac | Chandra in Mithuna rashi

The Moon is the natural friend of ruling planet Mercury of Gemini enclosure which keeps the attribute of the natives alive. The presence of Moon would enhance the sharpness in minds and creativity in the hands of natives of this combination.

The individuals of this placement of moon in Gemini are endowed with quiet enhanced curiosity and inclination towards acquiring knowledge which in the end makes them well read, wise and cultured personas. Besides this, Moon boosts up their eloquence and charisma which makes them dominate over many surroundings.

The influence of the moon in Gemini would enhance the sensitivity of the Gemini natives besides making them more restless and unable to stand at a single place. These natives could be more imbalanced than the rest of the Gemini individuals.

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