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Moon Mahadasha -Moon Antardasha | Moon - Chandra Dasha | Chandra- Chandra period

The period of Moon with its own sub - period brings the complete domination of planet Moon in the native's life which would be a blend of positive and negative arrivals in his/her life path. In true, there will be most of the goodness in the native's life but hurdles would also play their role besides which Moon would bring some mental weakness and instability.

The person would receive good respect and place in social circle and would also grow professionally besides which he would receive good affluence, materialistic wealth and ornaments. The native would stay enclosed with good people and would get involved in learning and worthy pursuits which would make him/her appear as wiser personality. He/she would possess pure thoughts and true core as these people would walk upon moral path and would pursue only righteous deeds in in Chandra -Chandra dasha or bhukti

The natives in Moon -Moon dasha or bhukti would get highly inclined towards creative and artistic arena as including music, art, poetry and such other segments besides which he/she would receive betterment in their attributes. On the other part, the planet Moon would take them towards the spiritual aspects as their believe upon divinity would enhance and it could also include some holy traveling.

This will be a period of happiness and comfort but if the planetary positions would stand against the same than it could bring some adverse impacts as well and that would be almost the opposite of all the positive impacts of Moon or chandra

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