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Meru Yantra ' s explanation, usage and importance

The Meru Yantra is the Yantra of profound depth and a deep relation with ancient age besides which it possess the most strongest roots in the arena of Yantras and so on it is believed to be the most precious and most significant Yantra. It is also said to be the copy of and inspired from Shri Yantra and is called as “Koorm Pristhiya Meru Shri Yantra” which means as Shri Yantra mounted upon the back of tortoise.

The Meru Yantra was created upon the tortoise with eight petals like a every Yantra has of lotus flower for its being the most sacred flower and the one originated from the navel of Lord Vishnu and the sitting place of Lord Brahma. It has been worshiped and believed for good and positive blessings since Vedic age and has the equal importance like of Shri Yantra.

The Meru Yantra bestows all the divine blessings to the worshiper and vanish all the negative impacts from life. Similar to Shri Yantra, it also wipes out all the hurdles and obstacles from the human life. Paying all the rituals and worship to the Meru Yantra would bring all the goodness to the person and for the same it has been worshiped by many saints and sages since seventh or eighth century.

Besides this, it has a higher significance in Vastu Kala as well and due to the same it is believed to be placed at the centre or top of the house and temple to keep the surroundings healthy, wealthy and wise. It is the divine protector of human life for being much potent and bestowed to live at both water and land.

Mantra for Meru Yantra

"Om, Aaing, Hring, Kling, Shring, Mahalakshmye Namah"

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