Mercury in Pisces by - Effects of the placements of Mercury planet in Pisces Zodiac, Budh in Meena

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Mercury in Pisces zodiac | Budh in Meena rasi

The placement of planet Mercury in Pisces enclosure would bring the planet in a discontented appearance because arena of Pisces is the platter of debilitation for the planet Mercury with its deepest degree at 15. This would carry many negative effects to the natives.

The presence of Mercury in Pisces would enhance their inner vulnerability as further making them more fragile and so on unstable at mind. This altogether would make them lead a fluctuating life path with the much lack of peace and tranquility. On the other hand, they could be more intellectual than the rest of the natives.

The natives of this combination of Mercury in Pisces would be more soft and generous hearted but would be highly malleable as could even turn negative with the impacts of surroundings.

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