Mercury in Leo by - Effects of the placements of Mercury planet in Leo Zodiac, Budh in Simha

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Mercury in Leo zodiac | Budh in Simha rashi

The placement of Mercury in Leo Zodiac would keep the planet in a pleasing appearance on account of the friendly relationship of Mercury with the ruling planet of Leo enclosure which altogether would bring most of the good to the natives of this combination.

The natives of this combination of Mercury in Leo would be quiet soft in their attitude and would be some of calm personas. Besides this, these individuals would be endowed with more stronger intellect, eloquence and analytical vision which all together could take them towards being snobbish in approach.

The presence of Mercury in Leo would enhance the shade of vivaciousness in the natives besides making them more free living personas. Individuals of this placement are bestowed with lump of energies and are truly exploring in their attitude. In the end, the are more dominating Leo natives.

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