Mars in Leo by - Effects of the placements of Mars planet in Leo Zodiac, Mangal in Simha

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Mars in Leo zodiac | Mangal in Simha rashi

The placement of Planet Mars in Leo Zodiacs brings the planet in a contented appearance on account of his natural friendship with the ruling Sun. This healthy relationship could bring some stability in the imbalanced perceived lives of Leo natives.

The presence of Mars in Leo would enhance the blend of free living in the Leo personas to a lot of extent besides further enhancing the aggression which altogether would make them callous and harsh in approach sometimes but determined to achieve their goals. The person would have higher level of resolve and would be a good leader.

The combination of planet Mars and Sun would bestow them a lot strength which could turn these balanced Leo personals into a completely tough individuals towards diminishing their inner softness. On the other hand, these individuals having Mars in Leo could be found as successful conquerors upon land but they would not hold many good and true relations around.

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