Mars in Cancer by - Effects of the placements of Mars planet in Cancer Zodiac, Mangal in Karka

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Mars in Cancer zodiac | Mangal in Karka rashi

The enclosure of cancer is the arena of debilitation of planet Mars with its highest debilitation at 28 degrees while planet Mars is perceived to be a natural friend of the ruling Moon of this enclosure. This placement of mars in cancer could bring some of the negative impacts upon the lives of natives

The influence of Mars in Cancer would reduce the inner strength of the person. The person would be having lesser resolve and determination. He would be having some problems in physical strength as well. The person could be prone to depressions and would be worried on useless topics. The person would be having lesser defense of body and would be prone to infections and diseases.

The impact of Mars in Cancer could also provide them some of the aggression along with some of harshness in their persona which could also take them towards becoming self centered and callous.

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