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Leo decans | Divisions of Leo | decan of Simha  

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First decan of Leo or Simha

The first decan of Leo period( 21st July to 20th August) that is the first ten days is the enclosure of potent personas which could be said to represent the true Sun and for the same this part is known as the “week of Authority”.   

These natives are the most strongest images upon land. They will put all the extremes of efforts to reach the top and will do everything to attain all the lights upon them only. They are the true rulers with heaps of endurance and vigor. All this could also lead them towards avoiding others aspirations and further becoming harsh.


Second decan of Leo or Simha

The second  decan of Leo period that is the middle part of it, is a balanced composition of tough and soft shades besides being ruled by Jupiter apart from Sun, while further known as the “week of balanced strength.

The natives of this part possess a satisfactory balance in the strong outward appearance and softer inner essence. They are people who would rule but won’t become ruthless in the process. Besides this, they are endowed with the charm to hold many around and strength of fortune. They are not among the obstinate Leos and are understanding and open to the world and can be seen as generous and noble leaders. These Leos are quiet much inclined towards education and traveling.


Third decans of Leo or Simha

The third decan of Leo that is the last ten days of Leo enclosure is courage and valor with the influence of planet Mars. This part of Leo natives is called as the “week of Leadership”.

These individuals possess the supremacy of Sun along with strength and calmness. They are perceived to succeed in the path of life on account of their unbeatable pessimism, liveliness and energy. They won’t stop at achieving certain ladders as they keep on moving for another one.


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