Ketu in ascendant or 1st house by -  Effects of placements of Ketu in Ascendant house, Ketu in Lagna or in first bhava
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Ketu in Ascendant |  Dragon's tail in Ascendant | Ketu in 1st house

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The placement of ketu in ascendant would bestow the native with most of the Ketu impacts which would be both pleasant and adverse as they would bring both positive and negative effects to the native’s life. Besides this, the presence of Ketu in 1st house is the most explicit expression of difficulties in life.

The native having Ketu in first bhava would reach good heights in the professional arena and would attain good affluence but he/she would require to work very hard and would need to put much endeavor as there would be much impediments in the path throughout the life of the native. The native in first house would receive growth but his/her life would lack the presence of peace as he/she would be compelled to distress. These natives would confront much perspiration.

The natives of Ketu in Ascendant are perceived to possess weaker composition of mind besides which they would carry fragile personalities. These people would lead a tensed life as they are prone to unreasonable stress due to variant reasons besides which they would require to struggle for almost everything they would wish in their life.

Apart from this, Ketu in 1st house would bring health problems to the spouses of the natives and there will be some ups and downs in the conjugal path of the native which would bring anguish to the person.


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