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Jupiter Mahadasha -Venus Antardasha | Jupiter - Venus Dasha | Guru- Shukra period or Bhukti

The planet Venus or Shukra is perceived to be one of the benefic planets which brings most of the positive effects to the person while it could also appear as adverse at some places. Here the combination of Jupiter and Venus would most of goodness to the person but as it lacks the strength due to both of them being soft planets, it would bring some difficulties as well.

The person in Jupiter-Venus dasha or Bhukti would attain good intellect and understanding which would take him/her towards the heights of acknowledgement and respect along with authority. The person would acquire good wealth in this period and would enjoy high and luxurious comforts. On the other part, the person would pursue much religious pursuits and would get inclined towards social services in Guru-Shukra bhukti.

The negative effects of this combination of Jupiter-Venus dasha or bhukti would lead towards increasing enmity around and distances in closed relations besides which the native would get involved in bad and immoral pursuits and habits. There could be Gastric aliments, unreasonable conflicts and lack of peace to the person. Altogether, there would be many reasons for mental distress but the happiness would play the major role in the antardasha of Venus in the mahadasha of Jupiter

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