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Jupiter Mahadasha -Mars Antardasha | Jupiter - Rahu Dasha | Guru- Rahu period or Bhukti

The shadow planet Rahu is one of the well perceived malefic planet which would always bring negative impacts upon the natives and would bring much hurdles in the path as making it difficult for the person. The arrival of Rahu in the Maha dasha of Jupiter would reduce the benefic effects of Jupiter to somewhat extent and so on it would be blend of both malefic and benefic impacts.

The native in Jupiter-Rahu dasha or bhukti would confront unreasonable quarrels and conflicts in this period which would enhance unnecessary enmity around the person and would creates antagonism and resistance in between the relations at home as well as in professional and social arena. These all would come along with hurdles in the professional path of the person and so on it would result in the downfall in career and so on in financial stature.

The person in Jupiter-Rahu dasha or bhukti would be made to move towards distant lands besides which their could be some distances in between closed relations. The person in the rahu antardasha in Jupiter mahadasha would get inclined towards religious deeds as including holy baths & pilgrims besides which there would be fear from thieves, snakes and authority people. The person could also suffer physical distress and lack of peace in life in Guru-Rahu Bhukti

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