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Gemini  | Gemini Zodiac | Gemini zodiac description


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Description of Gemini Zodiac

According to astrology, Gemini Zodiac people are those born in the dates from between 21st May to 20th June. Gemini or Mithuna is the third sign of the zodiac. The sign is ruled by mercury. This zodiac sign is represented by the symbol of 'The twinsí. Gemini zodiac natives are known to be the versatile, quick-witted, energetic, attractive and youthful. 

Gemini zodiac sign natives has dual nature. In the favorable situations, they are quite creative, energetic and enthusiastic while in the unfavorable conditions, they become restless and irritating. Their dual nature is applicable to their decision-making as well. Many times, Gemini zodiac sign natives take any decision and in a very small span of time, they can switch to the any other decision even just opposite decision as well. Gemini zodiac or mithun rashi natives can not stick to their decisions and opinions for a long period

Gemini zodiac sign native is explicitly known for itís carefree attitude and free living approach as the Gemini people doesnít possess the blend of concern in their attitude. They are quite enthusiastic in take any initiative or starting a new work , but lack persistence. If the work , they started require lot of labor and repetitive, Gemini zodiac native is not going stick to it. They always require new twist and turns in the work they are doing. These natives are very creative and and if anybody knows to use their creativity well by giving them freedom and challenging and creative assignments, Gemini zodiac native could become a great asset to that person or organization.

Gemini zodiac natives are the people who are lesser attached to anything. On the positive side, this becomes a quality when they are easily adaptable to ever-changing conditions and go with the changes but turns equally negative when they become unreliable with their natural attitude. This further makes them appeal a lot of people on account of their flexible attitude along with natural charm but the natural lack of fidelity in them wonít let the people make stronger relations with them or either will not let them stay for a long. But on the other hand, it wonít be right to blame mithun rashi natives for their weak points as they have been made the same way by the creator.

The Gemini zodiac sign or mithuna rasi natives are bestowed with a lot of liveliness and vivacity in their attitude which makes others feel good when around as they can create the interesting and amusing environment for those around but their attitude of enjoying life at itís entire picture becomes so intense that they could loose the requisite concerns and could forget that life in deep possesses some serious aspects.

Gemini zodiac or mithuna rashi natives are self centered people who crave for the attention wherever they go and are most dominantly concern about their own gratifications as they only want to live life completely with enjoying everything possible and for that they could also use all cunning ways comprising intriguing, contriving, deceit and betraying and will lurk all of them behind their charming face which will play the role of their most potent tool. Besides this, Gemini zodiac people also possess the blend of affection, kindness and generosity which even can lead them towards charity but that all will come after their self satisfaction which is the priority.

Gemini zodiac or mithuna rashi natives are expertise in drawing anybody towards them as they are bestowed with strong eloquence and personality which they know is their tool towards the success and they also know how, when and where to use it. On the other hand, the Gemini zodiac people possess a high level of curiosity which makes them inclined towards acquiring knowledge and concentrating on something but their interest fades sooner as they tend to be bored out of similitude and canít continue with the same thing for much long. 

Gemini zodiac natives are extremely free living souls as if given the environment of liberty they could turn fruitful in profession and as well as in personal relationships. This will make them appear with their positives shades of their strong intellect, intelligence and loving nature while if tried to kept them in cage, they will try their best to flee with approaching any of the path, even if it requires betraying anyone. One should not forget that their innovative approach could turn highly productive for a company while their freedom loving and easy going approach could make their partners lead a comfortable and happy life.

In the end, these people live a life of fantasies where they lack the presence of real pictures of life as looking at everything around for only to laugh with. The perceived lucky color for Gemini is Yellow and lucky number is 5.

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