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Gemini Scorpio Compatibility

Gemini Scorpio ( Mithun - Vrischika ) Compatibility

Scorpio believes in strong and long relationships. He has more deep thoughts and feelings than Gemini. Geminiís relationships will be more on the surface and depth and emotions are lesser. Scorpio is very stable while Gemini is not at all stable.

Scorpio believes in responsible behavior and attitude. Gemini will be bored and suffocated by responsibilities. In comparison to Gemini, Scorpio is quite matured. The  Gemini will not like this maturity. Scorpio will find the Gemini as immature and irresponsible personality.

Gemini will find the Scorpio very possessive. He will think that his liberty is vanished and he will feel much uncomfortable. The Scorpio believes in long and passionate relations but he is quite demanding in relation which is a real challenge for a Gemini to fulfill.

They have many contrasts. Gemini flirtatious nature will find most problems of adjustments with Scorpio in comparison to other zodiacs. Scorpio will feel very jealous when Gemini will do the casual flirts with others. Scorpio will be deeply annoyed by this. Unlike some other zodiac, he does not have the capability of forgiving easily. Scorpio never forgive if he is hurt. This will make the chances of success of this relation low.

Overall, the compatibility is low and having a long and stable relation is unlikely. The adjustments required from both sides are quite high and if they both will do then the relation can work.

Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman   

Initially , the relationship will be good as the Gemini man will be impressed by her charm and magnetism in her personality. He will like her passion, her desire for romance and her strong character. She will like his good conversation skills, his wits and intelligence. But after the time will pass, the opposite traits of them will start appearing on surface.

The one of the foremost important thing for Scorpio female is loyalty and commitment and that too on the deep level. One more thing to note is if somebody pretend to be committed and  is actually not that much committed, Scorpio woman will detect this with ease. To give deep commitment in relationship is difficult for Gemini. If he wants not to hurt the scorpion and for that purpose, he pretends to have a deep feelings, there will be no use of it. Scorpion female will easily detect it within a short period of time.    

Her possessive nature will make him suffocated and he will try to go away from the relation. His flirtatious nature can give her deep wounds and she will not get her much needed commitment in the relationship.

Gemini woman and Scorpio Man

 Not a good compatibility will be found in this relation. He will be much possessive and she will not be able to handle this. He will be much more stable and consistent than her and this will create problems with the Scorpio man. He can not admire inconsistency and impatience which is part of Gemini personality.

He will admire the intellect in her but will be repelled by her flirtatious nature. She will be impressed by his passion but will not like his possessiveness.

The match is difficult to run smoothly. if both will try hard then the relationship will go for long time.

Compatibility score: 4 /10

Conclusion: Opposite traits, much work need to be done by both

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