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Gemini Sagittarius Compatibility

Gemini Sagittarius ( Mithun - Dhanu ) Compatibility

The Geminiís trait of not able to stick to a situation or relation and his restlessness has a match here in Sagittarius. Both are having high level of energy level and same kind of restlessness. Geminiís requirement for change and inherent characteristic of restlessness is not matched with many zodiacs.Sagittarius likes changes, surprises, weird moves, bizarre experiences and challenges just like Gemini. Both will have high level of compatibility. Gemini will take interest in many weird thoughts of archer and this will give pleasure to the archer. 

Sagittarius is more stable than Gemini. He is equally intellectual, good by brain and good in conversation. But Sagittarius is more stable and philosophical than Gemini. He is more evolved intellectually  than Gemini. Gemini is more sporty, full of fun and humor. Sagittarius can be equally good in serious situation and unserious situation. Gemini can not be in serious situation for a long period of time. Sagittarius will have more patience than Gemini. But this will not create much problems between them. They will complement each other in case of difference in point of view. They will have quite adaptability and good feelings about each other. 

Both will not face major issues in relationship and will enjoy each otherís company. They will have much enjoyable time together. Both will go together to party and large gatherings and will enjoy talking to people as well as to each other. In home also , they will maintain a good level of harmony.

Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman will go outside to party and like the outgoing nature of Gemini man. Both will like each other company and will enjoy the time together. They will find each other very interesting and will be attracted to each other instantly. Many common traits will be there which makes this relationship very compatible.   

There are some thing need to be addressed. Sagittarius woman will be a party-loving person but as the same time she loves to have some time with the Gemini man while at home. She want intellectual discussions but not always. She admires the brain power but she also believes on heart and soul. This requirement of her is sometimes not fulfilled by the Gemini man.

In the serious and problematic situations, Sagittarius will act with maturity and practicality while the Gemini will feel uncomfortable since the fun in life is minimized or gone in such a situation and he is not at all bear it.Little adjustments from both sides can make this relationship working for a long period of time. Gemini man needs to apply heart as well as brain for his Sagittarius woman.           

Gemini Woman and Sagittarius Man

Very good compatibility will be there between these individuals. Sagittarius man will be intellectual and somewhat philosopher. His conversation will include many new ideas and thoughts which will interests Gemini woman. He will love adventure and thrill in life just like Gemini female.  On the mental compatibility level, there will be any problems. There will be some difference like thoughts of Sagittarius man will be more evolved than her. But this will not make much difference.

The problem will arise with the flirtatious nature of Gemini Woman which may create misunderstandings between them. Sagittarius man requires not very high level of commitment (like Scorpio or Cancer) but at least a good level of commitment and loyalty is required for him. Gemini woman may be a born-flirt which will make Sagittarius man uncomfortable.Overall, this relationship has a large potential of being a long and warm relationship with little adjustments done by both sides.

Compatibility score: 8 /10

Conclusion: Good compatibility, little adjustments to be done by both

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