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Gemini Gemini Compatibility

Gemini Gemini ( Mithun - Mithun ) Compatibility

This relationship of a Gemini with another Gemini will be a perfect combination at the level of the brain. But at the level of heart, it will have some shortcomings. Gemini loves the company of another Gemini as both of them have quick wits, like changes, have plethora of energy and will need lot of fun.

The intellectual compatibility will be very high in this case as both can talk for a long period of time on any intellectual topic. Both will be having sharp brains and a flair of intellect. So the  need of a Gemini for intellect will be fulfilled in this relation. Both the people will have an inherent capability to entertain others. So in this relation, nobody will get bored as both will amuse each other.

Both are talkative so there will not be any compatibility problem in this case. Both will talk on different topics in length. Gemini will not want to remain in a same state for a long period of time which can distract the other fixed kind of zodiacs but will perfectly work with the other Gemini as he will also prefer to do so.   

The problematic part is the impatience in the Gemini nature. If any kind of differences will creep in between them, the Geminiís will lack patience to handle it. The lack of commitment in relation is another problem as Gemini prefer brain over heart. He will calculate the importance of relation by using his own formula using his quick brain power rather than feel it and quickly leave the scene if he finds the relationship is not giving him the enjoyment.

Sometimes, Gemini can not even stick for a long time with a relation even if it is working fine. He will find it monotonous and leave it and will go ahead to find one more experience. This very nature of Gemini is a biggest hurdle in the compatibility of two Gemini in relation. As this trait can be triggered in case any of the two at any time which could give serious damage to the relationship. This will be a difficult task for them to settle in a relationship and make a strong and warm relation as they may find it an unexciting idea.

In external terms, this could be a really enjoyable relationship as both have a good compatible nature in this matter. But internally or emotionally , the relationship will have a void and will not be able to satisfy either of the partner. There will be lack of warmth and closeness in relation.

For having a good relationship for a long period of time, both have to work. They need to understand the importance of patience and will listen and give respect to each otherís idea. The need to control the inherent nature of them to not getting settled in relationship and too much desire for new experiences.

Overall, there are good potential of having good worldly relation on external level. Both need to work to make it working on emotional level as well.

Compatibility score: 6 /10

Conclusion: Many common traits,  much work needs to be done on the emotional front


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