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Gemini Capricorn Compatibility

Gemini Capricorn ( Mithun - Makar ) Compatibility

Many contrasts will be found in these two zodiacs. Capricorn is having great amount of patience, Gemini has very less patience. Capricorn do not mind the monotonous tasks and situations, Gemini can not bear at all the monotonous situations. Capricorn is very cautious, Gemini is very adventurous.

The Capricorn is person who will follow the rules , regulations and guidelines. Gemini will not like the regulation and guidelines imposed on him and applies his creative approach and try to something different. He will be happy with the change, Capricorn will choose more conservative approach than Gemini. Capricorn will take the cautious approach about everything. He will take time and formulize a strategy and plan. Till the time he will not have a concrete plan with the required depth, he will not move ahead. His plan also will not be a very bizarre. He will take the some already tried and tested approaches with some amendments. Gemini will not agree to this and will not take much time to create a detailed plan. He will also not necessarily take the conventional approaches. He may take the very new approach. He will not be that much cautious and security loving.

There will be differences on the execution also. Capricorn will not mind keep continuing if the tasks are taking much more time .He has very determined and stick to his decision. Gemini can not stick to the same think for a long period of time. Same is true in case of relationship. Capricorn will want to have more matured and long relationship. Gemini will not have the same likings. Capricorn is not that much fun-loving. He will have serious nature to some extent. He will not have instant spark of energy like Gemini. But he a consistent energy for a very long period of time again unlike Gemini.In the case of love at first sight, there could be some possibilities of having a long relationship between these two zodiacs. Here they both will try to adjust and in this way , they can very well complement each other. Gemini can teach to have more fun to Capricorn and Capricorn will bring more stability in the life of Gemini.

Gemini Man and Capricorn Woman

There will not be not very good compatibility between them. Capricorn woman will be a warm-hearted person with emotional heart. She will have a very good amount of maturity and stability. On the other hand , the Gemini man will be very flexible and not much stable.

For Capricorn female, the foremost requirements of a relationship are faith, loyalty and maturity. Her relationship will be emotional and deep. This kind of relationship will be not of like of Gemini and he will not be able to give that much sincerity and devotion in relationship.  For Gemini man , the Capricorn is very serious in nature and want to spent so much time in home. According to him, she speaks less and less fun-loving. Geminiís man lack of patience is again a problem for Capricorn woman.Much efforts required from both sides to continue the relationship for a long time. Both have very qualities and can fill the gaps in each otherís personality. Capricorn can bring stability and endurance in the life of Gemini man and he can fill her life with more fun and flexibility.

Gemini Woman and Capricorn Man

Gemini woman will love life full of  adventures and fun. This will be opposite to the conservative nature and approach of Capricorn man. Gemini woman will require her freedom and live life according to her wish and will. Relationship is not that much deep for her and she needs more flexibility. This will be opposite to the traits of Capricorn who requires much emotion and devotion in relationship. For Capricorn man, the flirtatious nature of Gemini woman will be very objectionable .According to him, the lady should be calm, poised, stable and devoted. Gemini would be opposite of this. According to Gemini woman, a man should be flexible, outgoing and unconventional. Capricorn man will be just opposite of this.Less chances of a long relation. Both need to work very hard to keep the relationship going dfor a long time.

Compatibility score: 4 /10

Conclusion: Very less compatibility, much adjustments to be done by both

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