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Gemini Aquarius Compatibility

Gemini Aquarius ( Mithun - Kumbh ) Compatibility

Gemini are Aquarius have great compatibility. They are having great mental compatibility. On intellectual level, they are quite alike. Aquarian is having quick wits just like Gemini. they will enjoy each otherís company. They will have long intellectual conversations. They will be impressed by each others interest and point of view and give respect to them.

Both are having outgoing nature and will enjoy the parties and gatherings together. Even Gemini is so much enjoy the company of Aquarian, he will not mind being at home and share the views and ideas with Aquarius. They are so compatible that whether on home or outside , the will want to remain in each otherís company. The outlook and expectations of both of them will be almost same from life. Both will not disturb each otherís freedom and will not require to be fully dependant on the other. Gemini requires some time for himself and Aquarian will happily grant as he also require the time for him to be in himself and do some introspection. Both will make a wonderful couple and both will try their best to remove the small differences between them and be in each otherís company.         

There could be some problems in case of intensity of the romance from the side of Aquarian who has a good amount of romantic feelings but might not matching to the extent of Geminiís expectation this area. But it will be a small problem as the Aquarian will learn to fulfill this requirement.The Aquarianís approach to not follow the social norms and old practices will be much appreciated  by Gemini and Geminiís point of view about having a fast, entertaining and adventurous life will be liked by Aquarius.This couple can have one of the highest level of compatibility.

Gemini Man and Aquarius woman 

Gemini man and Aquarius woman could find the best friend in each other. They will be in love or marriage relationship and at the same time, they are each otherís best friends. Nothing seems to be more required than this for having a strong relationship. Both will share their point of view openly to each other and will have lesser hesitation in expressing their thoughts to each other.

Both will generally respect each otherís idea, in case of  conflict , there will not be much ego clashes. They will both have immense energy. So they can be together doing lot of new tasks, having fun, sharing thoughts and exploring new avenues.

Their relationship could be so much satisfying for them. There could be chances that they will not need other friends and relatives and will happily remain with each other . This can annoy their friends and relatives sometimes to some extent. There is also a possibility that both just  indulge in many activities and will not take the rest.Overall, a very good compatibility will be there between these two.

Gemini Woman and Aquarius Man

Aquarius man and Gemini woman has a great level of understanding. They both will not even require much words about each otherís thoughts. They could be the one of the best couples in all zodiacs. Gemini woman is one of the toughest female to cope up with because of the unpredictability and out going nature. But Aquarian man will be just perfect for her.

Both will live life with no rules and regulations. Both will not like to live life according to a very much planned approach. Life is like a roller-costar ride for both of them.    They will not much think about having much security in life. Both will like spontaneous life and want to live the life to the fullest extent possible. Both will like each otherís quality and will spent quality time together.The compatibility is among the best in zodiacs

Compatibility score: 9.5/10

Conclusion: Made for each other

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