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 Finance Astrology Report



Dear Vineet,

Your basic horoscope details:

Ascendant: Gemini

Ascendant lord: Mercury

Moon sign: Libra



Escalated: None

Own house: Jupiter, Mercury

Combust: None

Debilitated: Sun


Detailed analysis of your birth chart and other charts indicates

Your ascendant is Gemini and the lord of ascendant Mercury is well placed in its own sign in ascendant. This shows good prospects for money flow. Your lord of second house (house of wealth) is placed in eleventh house of gains which is a powerful yoga for immense wealth.

Eleventh house (house of gains and income) lord mars is placed in third house in the house of its friend which is a good position for mars and indicates that you will earn lot of money by your own efforts.

Your tenth house lord is placed in eleventh house which shows that you will be in fruitful profession and earn lot of money through it.

You will also get good amount of money and property in inheritance from your parents and one of your relative.



Major/Minor Period

You are currently running through the major period of Moon and minor period of Mars


Source of income

Your 10th house (house of profession) lord is Jupiter and it is placed in 11th house and it is strong. This indicates that you will be in a fruitful and profitable profession. Doing business will be most favorable. Doing job will be average for you. You will be very much benefited by doing business.

Suitable business streams for you

  1. Entertainment industry
  2. Restaurant
  3. Hotel
  4. Owning a Amusement park
  5. Shipping
  6. Trading
  7. Publishing House
  8. Beverages



Detailed Forecast for 5 years


First Year (May 2006 to April 2007)

This is a good period for financial matters. Till July 2006, You will have good profit from the business. You will be having recovery of long pending loans given by you. This is a good period for investment. You should invest this newly obtained money from recovery in to investment. You will get good returns in long terms. Try to avoid investing in speculation. Invest in mutual fund with capital appreciation guaranty. From August to October,Good financial status will continue. You will make good profits from business. No operational or financial problems in case of business. Good gains from previous investment. Good period for new investment also. Investment in speculation will not suitable. Expenditure on wasteful things will be minimized. Savings will be also be good.From November to January, You will be having some problems in business. There will be some misunderstandings with some of your potential customers. There will be some discrepancies in the contract signed sometimes back. This will create misunderstandings between you and your customers. From February till April 2007,Your most of the problems will be solved. You will be relieved from the disputes with the customers. Financial status will be improved. Income will improve considerably. You will get some new contracts. Your business will be in the expansion mode. You will invest your money into your business.

Second Year (May 2007 to April 2008)

From May 2007 to July 2007, Your plans for expansion of business will get success. Your income will be incremented to a great extent. This is a very good period for investment. Investing in speculation related will be very much profitable. Try to invest in share market in this period. Invest in chemical industry, shipping industry and finance industry related shares. From August 2007 to October 2007,Gains will be there from business as will as from the previous investments. You will have abundant liquidity. You will spend considerable sum on buying luxuries for you. This time is good for investment too. There will be good gains from stock market. Till January 2008, This will be a very good period for you in terms of achievements. Money flow will be increased considerably. Operations in the business will run smoothly. Finances will be strong. Revenues will be high. Good period for savings. Till April 2008,excellent period will be there. In March 2008, you will be able to win a major contract in the presence of major players of your business bidding for the same. This will boost your financial status to a great extent.  This period will be good for investing in real estate.


Third Year (May 2008 to April 2009)

From May to July, This period will be average and you will be busy in regular day to day activities. Not much new happenings in this period. This period will not bring any financial or any other problems. Success will be moderate during these times. You will get new orders. The progress of your new venture will be satisfactory. Till August, This period will bring new communication in case of business as well as social contacts. Your social circle will be increased. In case of business, your contacts will be increased. This will be very fruitful for you in long terms. Growth in income will be good in this period. Till November, This will be a busy period for you. Workload will be increased considerably and you will have to work for long hours.  This period will be a good period for making new relations and increasing the presence of your organizations in new markets. Till April, Stressful period will continue and you will be submerged in work. The money flow will be excellent during this time. Family relation will be in strain due to no time left for family. This time will be excellent for making new deals. The new venture started by you will be fully functional.


Fourth Year (May 2009 to April 2010)

Till May, period will be having less stress for you and you will feel relieved from the stress you were going through. This period will bring fantastic growth in revenue. Profit will take a big stride. The new venture opened by you will start generating huge profits for you. This will be a good period for investments. Till August, The growth in revenue will continue and you will be able to achieve huge margins. You will purchase a big chunk of the land for the future use for your business. You will be in process of planning to open a new unit in distant city to cater to the customers and buyers in that area.Till November, The growth in revenue will continue and you will be able to achieve huge margins. You will purchase a big chunk of the land for the future use for your business. Till April 2010,This entire period will be full of problems on family front and you will not be able to give proper attention to the important decisions and issues related to the business. Business decisions will remain mostly on the pending state. This will harm the business growth to some extent.    

Fifth Year (May 2010 to April 2011)

Till May, Family problems will continue till 12 April. You will be under stress. You will not be able to focus more on business. Business will suffer because of this. Your managers will take care of the regular operations but important decisions will be in pending stage in this period. It will not cause any big damage. Till August, You will be doing much travels during this time. Most of these travels will be to foreign lands. It will be mostly to Western Europe. You will be benefited by these travels .You will get many orders during these trips and make so many customers during this time. Till November, This period will come with many new leads from the oversees clients .You will be extremely busy during this time in negotiations. But this period will be very beneficial for revenue growth and rising profit margins will give you a sense of achievement. Very good period for business growth. Till April, Your proposals to oversees client will see success. You will be getting some of the orders. For fulfilling the order, you will adopt a new strategy in operations which will be successful and increase the efficiency of the operations considerably and enable you to complete the new orders in timely manner and will be a blessing for the future course.




Aacharya J.N.Sharma





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