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Famous Capricorn Personalities

Alan Paton

Albert Pike

Andy Rooney
News Correspondent

Annie Lennox

Anwar Sadat
Egyptian Statesman

Ben Kingsley
Famous actor

Benjamin Franklin

Carl Rogers

Cary Grant

Charles Babbage

Chirsty Turlington

Clement Attlee

Conrad Hilton

David Bailey
Famous Photographer

Denzel Washington

Diana Keaton
Famous Actress

E M Foster

Edward Teller
Nuclear Physicist

Elvis Presley
Famous singer

Gamal Abdel Nasser
Egyptian leader


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Capricorn Decans Astrology

Division 1 :

The first segment or decan of Capricorn period( 21st December to 20th January) that is the first ten days are of higher patience and endurance...

Division 2 :

The second segment or decan of Capricorn period that is the middle ten days are of supreme patience and hard work as this part is ruled by ....

Division 3 :

The third divison of Capricorn period that is the last ten days are of lesser patient Capricorn of the rest and are quiet practical as it is ruled .....

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Capricorn or Kumbha Career
Capricorn people are having slow action but very high endurance in their life or in their career. Capricorn natives want to have a organized environment with the clear hierarchy and visible goals in career. Capricorn natives do not want to take much risk in career and business.

The Capricorn people are best as employees which makes them suitable for many career profiles like teaching, engineering, petroleum, oil....

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Capricorn Astrology Compatibility
Famous Capricorn Personalities

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