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Chitra Nakshatra or Nakshatram Females   

27 Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology

•Ashwini   •Ashlesha   •Anuradha   •Ardra  •Bharani   •Chitra   •Dhanishtha   •Hasta   •Jyestha  •Kritika   •Magha  •Mrigasira    •Moola   •Punarvasu   •Purva Ashadha •Purva Bhadrapada   •Purva Phalguni  •Pushya   •Revati  •Rohini   •Satabhisha  •Shravana   •Swati    •Uttar Ashadha   •Uttara Phalguni    •Uttara Bhadrapada    • Vishakha    • Abhijit

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Impacts/Results for Female natives born in Chitra Nakshatra

Appearance of female natives of Chitra nakshatra

The female natives of Chitra Nakshatra are perceived to possess somehow a unique appearance upon land which would include their beauty and special formation of body. These people are endowed with tall stature with acknowledgeable figure which makes these women appear more appealing. These women are endowed with long hair but being in modernize arena she might keep them short. Altogether they will carry a dominating personality throughout.


Attitude and life path of female natives of Chitra nakshatra

The female natives of Chitra Nakshatra are perceived to be emotional creatures of much sentiments inside which further makes them weak and fragile from inside. The immense sensitivity further makes them unstable at mind. These natives carry a fantastical vision and perceived to live in their own world of dreams. These people are generous and kind at heart but somehow are quiet self centered too which could make others to dislike their attitude at times as they could go to any extremes for the same.

These women of Chitra Nakshatra are quiet straight to words personalities who would appear harsh at times while they intentionally never wish to hurt others sentiments but they won’t ever fear back from presenting their opinions as well. These people ask for much of freedom throughout their lives which could even turn as being not feasible at times and could bring some difficulties. The different and unpredictable attitude of Chitra Nakshatra natives makes them build true relationships with very few around as most of the time they are misunderstood by people.

Those begotten of Chitra Nakshatra are quiet inclined towards social activities with special significance of poor people and undeveloped societies and for this they could be seen as being involved in the same without any self interest.


Professional front

The female natives of Chitra Nakshatra are perceived to work hard in their professional path where they carry a very sincere and determined approach. They would confront many hurdles in their life path which would appear as harsh difficulties in front of them but they will further enhance their hard work and this will further make them believe more upon themselves and so on it will take them towards heights.

The natives of Chitra Nakshatra are bestowed with some unexpected gifts in their life path as they will receive benefits from those directions where they didn’t put his efforts, even the results would be much more than what they gave before. The women of this arena are believed to pursue her education in the science arena and are believed to work at the profiles of nurse, model or actresses.

The people of Chitra Nakshatra are perceived to confront a quiet difficult path and much fluctuations in life till the age of 32yrs while the period of 33yrs to 54yrs will shine high with brilliance and will take him towards heights with some exceptions as at the ages of 22, 27, 30, 36, 39, 43 and 48yrs she will face lumps of difficulties in the professional path.


Family portrait

The natives of Chitra Nakshatra are perceived to spend their lives away from their father and birth home due to variant possible reasons as her parents might be living separately and his birth home may get destroyed or sold or she might be compelled to stay alone due to some other reasons. These people are attached to their parents while being much closer to their mothers and love their siblings but they would suspect them too for being highly sensitive from inside.

When it comes to conjugal path of Chitra Nakshatra natives, it is perceived to possess much of hurdles as their will be much conflicts in between the spouses which would lead a lack of peace at home. Besides this, there are possibilities for the death of partner or divorce as she would lack at the side of husband’s life. Childlessness could also be there. Acquiring remedies is almost really important in the lives of Chitra Nakshatra women.



The female natives of Chitra Nakshatra are perceived to confront some health hurdles as well in their life path as including abdominal tumors, appendicitis, disease form worms, bladder problems, kidney inflammation and brain fever.




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