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Identification of Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia

Tests for Identification of Real Cat's Eye or Lehsunia:

• If a real cat's eye gemstone is put in a dark place, it shines like the eyes of a cat.

• If a real cat's eye gemstone is rubbed against a cloth, its brilliance increases.

Properties of Cat's Eye Gem or Lehsunia

Planet: Ketu

Indian Name: Sutra-mani

Other Name: Ketu-ratna, Ketu's gem, Vaidurya, Cats eye, Sutra-mani.

Cat's Eye's Sign: Pisces

Cat's Eye's Hardness: 8.5 on Mohs scale

Element: Water

Cosmic Color: Infra-red

Some Flaws of Cat's Eye:

• Dullness - the cat's-eye that is not brilliant and is shining and flimsy is injurious for physical health and personal wealth

• Crack inside the gemstone - brings injuries from sharp-edged weapons

• Cobweb inside the gemstone - brings imprisonment and is harmful for the wearer

• Having five streaks or bands of light - brings misfortune

• Holes or dents - bring diseases of the stomach

• Flat - devoid of effect and therefore not suitable for wearing

• Uneven in shape - unlucky

Some Qualities of a Good Cat's-Eye:

• Smoothness

• Brilliance of chatoyance

• High specific gravity - heavier than average stone of the same size

• Having three streaks of light, similar to the sacred thread worn by Brahmins in India

• Straightness of the chatoyance

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