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Care, Cleansing, Sources and Rituals for Cat's Eye Gemstone or lehsunia

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Care & Cleaning of Cat's Eye Gemstone

Clean with a soft polishing cloth, plain water rinse mild solution of soap & water or commercial jewelry cleaner as they can damage the cat's eye. Do not soak. Also avoid sudden temperature changes.

Rituals for wearing Cat's Eye Gemstone or lehsunia

The weight of the Cat's eye gemstone or lehsunia should not be less than 3 Ratti (363 mg). Its effect increases with its increasing weight.

Cat's eye or lehsunia should be studded in gold.

After washing with water and unboiled milk and chanting Mantra.


"Om Hreem Ketve Namah", it should be worn in the middle/little finger of the right hand.

The wearer should donate sand colored cloth and iron based item should be donated and the person should feed bread to a goat with his own hands.

Day for wearing of cat's eye:

Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday

Time for wearing of cat's eye:

The best time to wear a cat's eye ring is two hours after sunset, or in the evening.

Source of cat's eye:

Cat's eye gemstone or lehsunia is found in India, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Brazil, China, Russia & Burma.

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