Capricorn decan by - Makara decans and divisons

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First decan of Capricorn or Makara

The first segment or decan of Capricorn period( 21st December to 20th January) that is the first ten days are of higher patience and endurance which makes the natives deeply strong as it is ruled by planet Saturn only.

The natives of this part are bestowed with higher persistence and endurance which never let their pessimism go down no matter how many failures they may confront which altogether makes them truly mighty. They are only concern with their goal which they follow with high determination without fluctuating.

Second decan of Capricorn or Makara

The second segment or decan of Capricorn period that is the middle ten days are of supreme patience and hard work as this part is ruled by planet Venus apart from governance of Saturn which bestows the similarities of Taurus.

The individuals of this enclosure possess the unbeatable patience and work hard and harder till the end but on the other hand, they also never desert life for the determination towards work as they also know to live. They will strictly follow the path towards the mount but will also enjoy the journey.

Third decans of Capricorn or Makara

The third divison of Capricorn period that is the last ten days are of lesser patient Capricorn of the rest and are quiet practical as it is ruled by planet Mercury apart from Saturn.

The individuals of this third decan are very concerned about the results of their efforts which they pursue very sincerely through an organized path. On the other hand, they are the restless Capricorn who lack at the side of persistence. They are loyal and quiet inclined towards relations but won’t ever leave their practical vision.

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