Cancer Ascendant, Rising sign or Karka Lagna by - Description of people born in Cancer Rising sign or Karka lagna

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Cancer Ascendant or Rising sign or Karka Lagna | People of Cancer rising sign

The Cancer Ascendant or Karka Lagna natives are the perceived to be the ocean of emotions as all they have is their heart as mind won't play much roles which makes them very much sensitive and vulnerable from the core as they will easily receive even the lesser affecting thing and would become exceedingly impacted from the same.

These natives of Cancer ascendant or Karka Lagna are simple from the core and don't carry any vanity in their attitude besides which they stay away from attention as they won't ever try to catch the people's eye as they are shy souls. They are truly patient beings who would take their time before taking any decision as they won't ever walk further before assuring the strength of path well but they lack at the required self believe and strength of the core.

The Cancer ascendant or Karka Lagna natives for being weak at the mental composure always seek for emotional security as specially in their relations for which they would be very much dependent upon their life partners whom they wish to be mature enough to take care of them. They give everything to their intimate relations with complete devotion towards them and this is the reason, they can possibly loose their own identity at times. For the same reasons, Cancer ascendant or rising sign people are perceived to have late marriages and somewhat difficult conjugal path. Besides this, they provide emotional support and motherly warmth to others in need.

The Cancer rising signs or ascendant natives are believed to be the strong carriers of family values and some of primitive norms also but they are somewhat flexible as well. These people lack at the side of practical understanding as they will try to perceive almost everything with their heart and absence of mind which could bring problems to them, while their emotional attachment with their work could become a reason for the growth. Cancer ascendant could become exceedingly serious towards life

These people of Cancer rising sign would thing of good for almost everyone around and could turn towards social services but their inner vulnerability could also sway them towards negativity for their self interest as their sensitivity is the only reason for their self centered attitude at times.

In the end, there is an creative and artistic blend in cancer rising signs natives for which they could be seen as involved in relating arenas.

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