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I am currently doing business in cement industry. The current business is doing well for me. I want to expend the business and venture in to some other field. Please suggest in which field I should start a new business.

Dear Nayan,

Your basic horoscope details:


Ascendant lord: Mars

Moon sign: Aries



Own House: Jupiter, Mercury


Debilitated: None

Detailed analysis of your birth chart and other charts indicates:

Your 10th house lord is Saturn and it is well placed in 7th house and escalated. The Karaka is also well placed and having good strength. As well as you have good aspect of a benefic planet on this house. This gives you immense potential for doing business and expanding it to a great extent

Currently you are going through a major period of mercury and minor period of Saturn till March 2019.This is a favorable period for business. So expanding business will be suitable for you.

Your current business is related to Saturn. Your new business should also be related to Saturn to get the maximum gains.

You could venture in to oil, petrol, land, irrigation, agriculture, cement, scientific instruments, mines, chemicals, leather, real estate and hides.

After studying your navmansa, we feel that business related to chemicals will be having maximum gains for you. Business related to leather will also be number two gainer for you. Starting new business after November 2018 will be suitable for you. Very favorable period for business will be there till July 2019


Your Saturn is strong enough for giving good gains to you. But doing fast for Saturn on Saturday and donating black cloth on Saturday will be particularly good for you.

Aacharya C.N Rao

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