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Budh Yantra ' s explanation, usage and importance

The Budh Yantra is the Yantra of planet Mercury or Budh who has immense significance in human life and bestows positive reflection for adorning many aspects in the lives upon land. Mercury is the giver of intellect, knowledge, softness, love, humanity, precision, and many such things taking the person towards heights.

The Budh Yantra should be adopted by people having weak and ill placement of planet Mercury and lacking at the side of intelligence and understanding. It could reduce the harshness to a good extent and could bestow the person with creativity and fantasy with softness in heart. On the other part, it saves the women from problems in pregnancy and defends those fearing harm from fire and electricity. It also reduce the problem of stammering as Mercury is the giver of eloquence and speech.

Budh Yantra is perceived to be engraved in Copper metal plate which should be adopted on Wednesday at the time of rising Moon. This will bestow the person with the blessings of Budh and would take him or her towards a good mount.

Mantra for Budh Yantra

"Aum braam breem broom sah budhaya namah"

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