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 2020 Astrology Report





Dear Jatin,


Your basic horoscope details:

Ascendant: Libra    

Ascendant lord: Venus

Moon sign: Capricorn


Year 2020 at a glance:

Detailed analysis of your birth and other charts of your horoscope indicate following effects on the different aspects of your life:


Currently, you are going through a major period of Jupiter and minor period of Jupiter.

Venus is your ascendant lord and it is well placed in 7th house and it aspects the ascendant This makes a very good yoga for good health and good level of  accomplishments during life span. Venus is a very benefic planet for you.

Saturn is the yoga karaka planet being the lord of education, mental peace and children. Placement of Saturn indicates that you will have good results in these fields but not without problems. You can have some hurdles in case of child birth. But will be able to have child. Children will be in good health and will be lucky in their life. But time to time you have to try hard for their education. Doing remedy for Saturn will be advisable   

Mars is the lord of 2nd house (House of money) and it is well placed which indicates you will have good flow of money throughout your life.

The current period lord is well placed in ascendant which will give benefic results in case of money flow, growth of luck and profession.

This overall combination shows that this year is going to be a good year for you in terms of career, flow of income, financial status and recognition and rewards.


 In you personal life, This year will be good. You will have cordial family life.

Your family life will be good and harmonious. Your social life will be generally good except some instances where your over-emotions will lead you in to disputes.      

Initial period of this year till 18th march will be average for you. Rest of the year is beneficial for you.


Overall, a very good and progressive period in terms career, financial status and recognition as well as a good and harmonious period for family life


Aspects wise analysis



Career wise, The initial part of the year is average for you till 18th March. You will have to face  politics by your colleagues. They will try to defame you. Your Popularity may decrease. This period will not good for important decision in case of career.

You may think about changing the job. But that is not advisable. You should be cautious from your rivals. Professional relationship will be in bad shape. Every decision of working strategy should be cautious. You have to keep patience and try to avoid any conflict

You will be assigned some challenging work in April and you will be able to complete it. This will increase your reputation to a great extent and fill the damage by the earlier period. The existing career would continue with smooth and steady progress up to September.

You would be getting some good career opportunity. The career would notice good betterment with this. Good success in career undertakings would be possible.

Your personal efforts to improve the status would be much successful. After September, a growth in career is possible which will enhance your status in the work place. Overall it will be a good year for career which will give good impact on your overall career growth.

Things will be fully in your favor after September and it will be a prosperous period. You should utilize your intellectual ability and earlier experience. Get the more recognition and rewards. Money flow will be smooth. Efforts for getting higher status in profession will be successful.



Financial status: 


Financial status will be good during this year. You can get some increment in money flow after September.  Returns from the investment will be average. This is a time for saving and not for investment.

Please do not lend money during this time. Losses are possible. You may have a big loss through lending money to any of your relative.

Investing in shares and equity will not be suitable. Investment in debt instruments will be averagely suitable.

Real estate will totally unsuitable. Try to avoid taking loans. You could be dragged into legal issues.

 Investing in gold will be profitable.



Personal Front/Social Life:   


On personal front, in general, the life will be good and satisfying but due to your own over emotions, you will be involve and initiate many disputes in your family. But your family will support you.


Your marital life will see some problems during this year but it will not be very serious. It will be more related to misunderstandings   



Period Wise Analysis:

This year will be divided into three sub periods according to planet transitions and pratyantar dashas of dashas:


Till 18 March 2020:


This will be average for you in case of career. You will have to face problems in case of career. This will be mostly caused by your colleagues. They will always try to distract your attention and try to defame you in front of higher officials. This will increase your mental stress.

Average period for financial condition. Previous money flow will continue. Withdraw all existing investments in this period

Good period for marital life and social life. You will have harmonious family and married life. You will have support from your spouse. You will be satisfied on this front.

 You will have good relations with friends.

No indications of purchase of vehicle during this period


From 18 March 2020 to 4 September 2020


Things will again change to positive. Things will be in your favor and it will be a prosperous period. You will get again positive environment in career. All of opponents will support you through influence of your work. Your efforts will be improved a lot. It will be a positive phase for career.


Financial status will be good. Expenditure will be under control. Good time for investment and saving. Investment in gold will be profitable in this period. Saving will  be increased.


Marital life will face some disharmony, and many misunderstandings will creep in. Mental tensions will increase, but the relation will not have serious damage.


Social life will have many disputes. August will be full of disputes. Most of them  will be because of you. Be cautious about this. Try to avoid the conflicts.

No indications of purchase of vehicle during this period



From 4 September 2020 till 31 December 2020

The fortunate period for career. Obvious divination for achievements in professional status. You may get a promotion in career. The hindrances related to professional relationship will be removed. In this time your contacts will be fruitful for you.

You should utilize that links in a proper way and can enhancement your work. This will more beneficial for you, in this time you will get the extra power and responsibilities related to work. 

Good financial status will be there. No losses are seen. Increment in money flow is seen. Good returns from earlier investments. Good time for savings.

Better enhancement in income with regular increments. Will be good investment in debt instruments. Earlier investments will also fruitful for you. Medical expenses will decrease, but extravagance on journeys. Overall good period for financial status.        

Marital life will be good. Misunderstandings will be removed and harmony will be back in to your marital life.

You will have child birth during this period

Social life will not be good. You will not have good relations with friends.



Aacharya J.N.Sharma






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